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Repetitive Stress issues

(ie forward head posture, text thumb)

Weak ankles/hyper-pronation

Frozen shoulder

Shoulder Impingement

Low back pain

Groin impingement


Piriformis syndrome

Carpal Tunnel

Thoracic Outlet

Plantar fasciitis

ITB syndrome


Dowager’s hump

Bunions/hammer toes

Collapsed arches

Postural dysfunction



Post-surgical recovery (scar tissue related)

Neurological Disorders (i.e. Parkinson’s)

Geriatric related issues

(balance and overall ROM)

Reduction, Elimination, & Correction of Pain Patterns Associated With:

amy guyton

A tomboy most of my life, I excelled in any sport I undertook. Thankfully, academics were as important to our family as athletics, and I was expected to excel in the classroom as well. I took to science and art. These influences molded and shaped the way I see all things. I knew from a young age that I wanted to help people. Some years I thought I wanted to be a teacher, other years I knew I would be a chef, or maybe a social worker, or a doctor.


"After 2 very serious vehicular accidents, I was in pain. Every day. I was offered the conventional therapy of medicating the pain away or to just 'live with it.' This was not good enough."

After 2 very serious vehicular accidents, I wound up not thinking about anything much less dreaming about a meaningful career. I was in pain. Every day. I was offered the conventional therapy of medicating the pain away or to just "live with it." This was not good enough. I remember going to a physical therapy appointment after months of having severe headaches and back pain. The PT told me to get on the stationary bike and pedal for 15 minutes to warm-up. She disappeared to work on 5 other people waiting for care.


I walked out.


Desperate, I reluctantly booked a massage. This wasn't common practice, then. Therapists were actually hard to find. That session changed my life completely.

"I could hardly believe the result. After just a few sessions my chronic pain was gone. Daily back pain and debilitating migraine headaches 3 to 4 times weekly–gone.Not only had I found relief,I found my calling."


I could hardly believe the result. After just a few sessions, my chronic pain was gone. Daily back pain and debilitating migraine headaches 3 to 4 times weekly–gone. Not only had I found relief, I found my calling.


After completing a massage education, I returned to the University of Louisville to complete a BS in Exercise Physiology. I pursued further AIS: Mattes Method training from the developer and founder of AIS, Aaron Mattes. I am honored to be one of the only true practitioners of AIS: Mattes Method here in Louisville. Then I pursued a certification in Corrective Exercise through the National Academy of Sports Medicine to further shape my practice into a restorative, rehabilitating force to be reckoned with.


I have clocked hundreds of volunteer hours honing and refining my skills in my Studio as well as at Aaron's clinic in Sarasota, Florida.


The mechanical function of the human body is collectively fascinating and beautiful. As one can rely on its template functional design, there are always flaws. And the beauty of it is that each body is different in its own unique way. This is why my job is never dull or boring.

"My firm belief is that the body is willing to healand just needsthe proper environment, patience, and expertise."


Actually, I love a challenge and I am pretty good at puzzles. But more than that, I come from a place of deep understanding and compassion for acute and chronic pain suffering.


My firm belief is that the body is willing to heal and just needs the proper environment, patience, and expertise. I commit to whatever time it takes, along with each client, to secure meaningful, long-term changes.


As my dad has always said, "Hard work pays off." With over a decade of hard work, it sure has paid off. I am here to work hard for you AND with you.


It's time to feel better.


BS in Exercise Physiology: UofL

AIS Education: Aaron Mattes Clinic, Sarasota FL

Massage Education: AMT, Louisville KY

Corrective Strength Training: National Academy of  Sports Medicine


Stress Management

Orthopedic Massage

Life has its ups and downs. It’s a proven fact that therapeutic massage releases beneficial hormones that combat the stresses of life.

It is an effective vitamin to take that actually works! You are encouraged to come in monthly, and invest in yourself, for maintenance.


Orthopedic treatments are specifically designed to address dysfunctions and injuries to muscle(s) and associated tissues, joints and bones. Commitment and consistency are keys to correcting and healing acute/chronic issues.

We will assess the issue, set attainable goals, schedule several sessions, and get to work.


30 minutes  $55

45 minutes  $75

60 minutes  $100

90 minutes  $125

$25 non-refundable deposit

required to book

Please print and complete the New Client Intake form and bring it with you to your initial appointment.


Mattes Method:

Active Isolated Stretching & Strengthening


Static stretching is an antiquated approach to true flexibility. Prolonged static stretching actually decreases blood flow to the targeted area(s) resulting in mimicked effects of trauma and/or overuse injuries.


AIS is a forward-thinking and powerful method to lengthen and strengthen the body. We only “hold” our stretch for less than 2 seconds and repeat.

Its core principals are based on 2 established anatomical laws: Wolff’s and Sherrington’s. And because this method is “active” in nature, the brain to body connection is undeniable. This innate connection re-trains and even creates neural pathways to injured/de-conditioned tissue(s).


AIS is corrective and rehabilitative in nature. It takes time to unwind and re-educate the body. Sessions can last over 2 hours, if necessary. AIS is not passive stretching. AIS is not yoga. AIS is not Thai massage. AIS is not deep tissue massage. AIS stands alone with its deep understanding of the true

mechanical function of the body.


You must come with and open mind, workout clothes, and be receptive to meaningful change. We will set goals and I will teach you proficient self-care. Consistent work gets the results.


Unlock your body in a way that you did not think was possible. Yes, you.



1st Session 90 minutes (includes assessment) $150

$125 per hour


$25 non-refundable deposit

required to book



Please print and complete the New Client Intake form as well as the AIS Checklist form and bring them with you to your initial appointment.

I have observed Amy Guyton as a

student, therapist and teacher for the past 8 years.  Ms. Guyton is a very ambitious therapist, blessed with a warm personality and a definite “people person.”   She is a licensed massage therapist with unusual touch and skill with the major modality “Active Isolated Stretching: The Mattes Method.”  The Mattes Method is very specific soft tissue work that releases muscle and fascia, relieves and eliminates pain and limited function.  Neurological problems, spinal cord injuries and orthopedic injuries respond positively to these “cutting edge” techniques.


As a teacher, Ms. Guyton is energetic and creative.  I have observed her work with less knowledgeable students and she ended up providing needed enlightenment for grateful students.  She has been a teaching assistant numerous times and has received high marks at each of the seminars.  The students and patients at Aaron Mattes Therapy outpatient clinic in Sarasota, Florida express their disappointment when Ms. Guyton returns home to Louisville.


It is without reservation that I recommend Amy Guyton.



Aaron L. Mattes MS. RKT. LMT

Founder, AIS: The Mattes Method

I have known Amy Guyton

for 14 years. During that time Amy has taken

the time to get to know me and my body's needs.  Initially, I went for just a relaxing massage and connected with Amy right away.  I was impressed by her knowledge of her field and her eagerness to learn more.  As time passed, I became a "regular!"  During that time, I developed back, neck and shoulder issues.  Amy targeted all the problem areas with great skill, knowledge and know how.  Amy continues to study her field to be able to address the needs of all of her clients, including me, with the most current and up-to-date techniques.  Amy also takes the time to educate you on how to treat your ailments at home.  By following Amy's advice,

I can be pain-free and do the

activities I enjoy.  My life is so much

 better with Amy a part of it!




I would like to recommend

Amy Guyton to either increase flexibility or

solve some types of muscular problems. My story is I injured my left shoulder/ back weight lifting. I tried the usual methods-rest, chiropractor and ultimately Physical Therapy (PT). The PT stretching ended up

being worse than the original problem.


I heard about Amy from a friend. She was able to recommend Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) exercises involving my Neck and Shoulder. The pain and discomfort went away in 2 or 3 weeks. I am now back to weight lifting again. In addition, we are working

on increasing my general flexibility

for running and golf.



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